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Author Topic: Volume Rendering issues  (Read 2327 times)
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« on: November 11, 2010, 04:27:03 pm »

In general I am very satisfied with this feature, but I have some consistent problems:
  1. during loading of a scene with volume rendering ("VolumeData" with  "ImageTexture" in nrrd format) I am getting always warnings (s. attached file).
  2. Very often when I try to maximize the its window instantplayer hangs/dissapears. This error is not scene-dependen, i.e. you do not get it always, but my impression is: the larger the 3D-texture - the more probbable it is to get it.
  3. Very often when closing ip after volume rendering I am getting application error (unfortunately cannot reproduce it right now)
  4. in approximately 1 of each 15 loadings of the same model am getting black window (nothing visualized) with no error on the console.
  5. sometimes on scene-reload I am getting "WARNING   Avalon    RenderJob/defaultRenderJob.exec: processValueChange() && _isChangingMask set" in a loop and ip is unusable after that.
  6. an error that happens sporadically: "FATAL   OpenSG    Geometry::handleGL: couldn't create display list (out of memory) skipping geometry 03F38FB0"
  7. I used dynamic reload of 3D-textures to prepare a 3D-animation (s. attached video). If you pause the video 2-3 seconds before the end you will notice, that the animations erase parts of the yellow lattice; I guess it is a repaint problem (the animated texture has at some moments the same color)?!

The scene is attached, the 3D-texture is attached, please unzip it before trying; everything should be in the same directory.


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« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2010, 05:07:31 pm »

Hi, unfortunately, I can't answer all of your questions, but here are some answers:
1. textures are per default fetched asynchronously - so try disabling this by setting this env variable:
export ACP_appThreadCount=0
2./6. the bigger the 3d texture the more GPU memory you need - in this case it could happen that there is no place for additional display lists. Also, the bigger the screen, the more fragments need to be processed in the volume shader, which slows down the app
4. I haven't had this error yet with volume rendering but with similar rendering code, unfortunately I don't know why, I assume some strange problems when creating the default Bindable nodes
7. seems like an (fp?) error in the compositing step - thanks for reporting.
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