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Author Topic: Oculus Rift non funziona con Instant Reality 2.5.0  (Read 1570 times)
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« on: June 16, 2015, 02:46:49 pm »

Salve a tutti,
sono Emanuele Casalino, sono nato nel 1987, e sono uno studente di Ingegneria Informatica in provincia di Lecce, in Italia.
Ho installato su Windows 8 InstantReality 2.5.0 e Oculus Rift 1.7.
Ho aperto Instant IO su un browser, poi sono andato su "Web Interface", poi sono andato su "Root Namespace", ed infine sono andato su "Nodes".
Siccome ho installato Oculus Rift, nel campo "Create new node" dovrebbe comparire nella casella "Type" il tipo "OculusRift".
Scrivendo "OculusRift" nella casella "Type", e premendo su "Create", mi compare questo messaggio: "Unknown node type: OculusRift".
Lo stesso se scrivo nella casella "Type" "OculusVR".
Vorrei che InstantIO riconoscesse il tipo "OculusRift".
Per cortesia, qualcuno mi puņ aiutare a risolvere questo problema? Mi serve d'urgenza la soluzione a questo problema per un esame universitario.
Grazie in anticipo.

P.S. Un'altra cosa. E' possibile far funzionare Oculus Rift su un file X3D, se quest'ultimo viene aperto con il programma Instant Player, senza dover utilizzare le SDK per Oculus?


Oculus Rift doesn't work with Instant Reality 2.5.0

Hello everyone,
I'm Emanuele Casalino, I was born in 1987, and I'm a student of Computer Engineering in the province of Lecce, in Italy.
I've installed on Windows 8 InstantReality 2.5.0 and Oculus Rift 1.7.
I've launched Instant IO on a browser, then I've gone on "Web Interface", then I've gone on "Root Namespace", and finally I've gone on "Nodes".
Since I've installed Oculus Rift, in the field "Create new node" should compare in the box "Type" the type "OculusRift".
By writing "OculusRift" in the box "Type", and by pressing on "Create", I get this message: "Unknown node type: OculusRift".
Same goes if write in the field "Type" "OculusVR".
I'd like that InstantIO recognized the type "OculusRift".
Please, can anyone help me solve this problem? I need urgently the solution to this problem for a university exam.
Thanks in advance.

P.S. Another thing. Is it possible to operate Oculus Rift on a file X3D, if the latter is opened with the program Instant Player, without having to use the Oculus SDK?
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« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2015, 12:47:04 pm »

Hello Emanuele,

this problem usually occurs if the Oculus SDK installation is faulty or one of the DLLs cannot be found by our implementation. Please make sure all Oculus SDK DLLs are in your path environment variable.

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« Reply #2 on: January 16, 2016, 04:02:34 pm »


I'm having this issue as well.
I'm running:
Instant Player 2.6.0 (28726)
Windows 10
Oculus DK2 (firmware 2.12)
Nvidia GTX 970 with GeForce 361.43 Driver

The DK2 is working fine with other software (Oculus, Unity, UE4), however as per the original poster I can't get Instant Play (or I/O) to detect the DK2.

Can you please advise what drivers are required and where they should be placed - this will at least help me to debug the problem.

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