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Author Topic: InstantPlayer and Leapmotion  (Read 2967 times)
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« on: November 03, 2013, 07:48:48 pm »

Hi Community,

i have a problem with the LeapMotion Controller and the InstantPlayer.

I tested this Tutorial:

If I open the file, it doesnt work.  I can not touch the Ball and the Color doesnt change. I think the player ignore my Input :/

Logfile from Player:

LOG   Avalon    Init: 12/283, V2.3.0 build: R-25703 Nov  2 2013 Windows i386
LOG   Avalon    CDF parsing (0.023s): 628 Node-Types defined
LOG   Avalon    Set Two sided Lighting to 1
LOG   Avalon    Set Spec Texture Lighting to 1
LOG   Avalon    Set Global Ambient light
LOG   Avalon    Remove RenderAction
WARNING   Avalon    Invalid InstantIO Node LeapMotion, Unknown Node type "LeapMotion"
LOG   Avalon    Valid type list:
LOG   Avalon     Align : Transforms a 4x4 matrix into a new coordinate system given by the parameter origin.
LOG   Avalon     ART : Reads ART tracking data.
LOG   Avalon     Bird : Operates trackers that use the Ascension Bird protcol.
LOG   Avalon     ccTalk : Operates coin acceptors that use the ccTalk protocol.
LOG   Avalon     Clock : Reads the system time.
LOG   Avalon     CyberMouse : Reads position and button states of cybermice.
LOG   Avalon     DTWNode : Driver for Foo trackers.
LOG   Avalon     eMagin : Reads orientation values of eMagin HMDs.
LOG   Avalon     Equalize : This node equalizes distorted tracker data.
LOG   Avalon     Fastrak : Driver for trackers using the Polhemus Fastrak protocol.
LOG   Avalon     ImageChannelSplitter : Filter that splits images into their red, green, blue and alpha channels.
LOG   Avalon     ImageConvert : Converts Video frames to to a given format.
LOG   Avalon     ImageFlip : Flips Video frames.
LOG   Avalon     Inline : Allows to load a namespace from a file.
LOG   Avalon     ISense : Driver for InterSense trackers.
LOG   Avalon     Joystick : Reads axis and button states of joysticks.
LOG   Avalon     JoystickEnumerator : Automatically creates Joystick Nodes for all joysticks attached to the system.
LOG   Avalon     MatrixTransform : Transforms a 4x4 matrix by matrix multiplication with a second 4x4 matrix.
LOG   Avalon     MidiIn : Reads midi events from MIDI devices.
LOG   Avalon     MidiOut : Writes midi events to the sequencer.
LOG   Avalon     Mike : Reads button states from the Fraunhofer IAO Mike Device.
LOG   Avalon     MotionFilter : Node for filtering out erroneous pieces of tracker data and for data prediction to compensate latency.
LOG   Avalon     Mouse : Reads button states of serial mice. Handles two button, three button and wheel mice that use the Microsoft mouse protocol.
LOG   Avalon     MRI : Provides position and orientation values received from MRI servers.
LOG   Avalon     Network : Exports OutSlots to and imports OutSlots from the network.
LOG   Avalon     NMEA : Driver for NMEA devices (GPS/compass).
LOG   Avalon     Phone : Reads button states of mobile phones.
LOG   Avalon     PPT : Reads position values from PPT trackers.
LOG   Avalon     SEI : Read orientations from encoders using the SEI protocol.
LOG   Avalon     Serial : Receives data from or sends data to serial ports.
LOG   Avalon     SerialState : Reads the states of CTS and DSR pins of serial ports.
LOG   Avalon     SoundCapture : Captures sound samples.
LOG   Avalon     SoundPlay : Plays sound samples.
LOG   Avalon     SpaceMouse : Reads button states and translation/rotation of space mice.
LOG   Avalon     SpaceNavigator : Reads button states and translation/rotation of SpaceNavigators.
LOG   Avalon     SpeechRecognition : Recognizes speech.
LOG   Avalon     TCM2 : Driver for TCM2 compasses.
LOG   Avalon     TCPClient : Receives data from or sends data to a server this node connects to via TCP/IP.
LOG   Avalon     TCPServer : Receives data from or sends data to clients that connect via TCP/IP to this node.
LOG   Avalon     ThresholdFilter : Node for filtering out tracker movements which are so small thatthey only annoy the user instead of helping him.
LOG   Avalon     TUIO : Receives TUIO Packages
LOG   Avalon     UDP : Receives and sends data via UDP/IP.
LOG   Avalon     VB30 : Reads button states of the nVision VB-30 Head Mounted Display.
LOG   Avalon     VibroTac : Operates DLR VibroTactile Feedback Devices.
LOG   Avalon     Vicon : Reads Vicon tracking data.
LOG   Avalon     Video : Grabs video frames from frame grabber devices.
LOG   Avalon     VideoPlay : Plays video frames.
LOG   Avalon     VNC : Receives GUIs from VNC servers.
LOG   Avalon     Web : Allows control of the InstantIO system via web browsers.
LOG   Avalon     WGS2UTM : Filter that converts WGS84 coordinates to UTM coordinates.
LOG   Avalon     Wii : Reads states of Wiis.
LOG   Avalon    Set Two sided Lighting to 1
LOG   Avalon    Set Spec Texture Lighting to 1
LOG   Avalon    Set Global Ambient light

The LeapMotion Controller worked on the PC without Problems.

Some Informations about my PC:
Windows 7 64 Bit
Intel i3
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470  (1024 MB)
Instantplayer: (32 Bit!)
Leap Motion Software: 1.0.9+8410

Can Anyone help me?
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« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2013, 11:32:13 am »

Hello Chakky,

you're not the only one running into trouble at the moment. I'm already looking into this issue. I will report back as soon as I have some news.

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« Reply #2 on: November 13, 2013, 06:04:48 pm »

Hello again,

thanks again for reporting the Bug. It was apparently caused by an earlier SDK version that was used when InstantReality 2.3 was released. I've integrated the new SDK and tested the LeapMotion node on 64bit Windows, it should work again.

You can get a working version from the Dailybuilds:

Use the version from 12th of November or after.


PS: The Airspace or SDK downloads both do not provide automatic PATH configuration. Please make sure your PATH environment variable contains the correct path to the Leap.dll, or simply copy it to your installation folder in C:\Program Files\Instant Reality\bin. I used the SDK version by the way ;-)
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« Reply #3 on: November 18, 2013, 10:40:25 am »


big thx i will test it in the next days.
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