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Author Topic: Recording Videos  (Read 2288 times)
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« on: February 23, 2012, 11:27:53 am »


I was wondering, whether someone has a working solution for recording videos out of InstantReality.

Currently, we use the grabFrame-Feature to extract individual frames and control the simulation time to have a smooth animation. This approach, however, does only work for offline-simulations.

What we would like to have is an online recording of an interactive session.

We did some experiments with screen recorders and with GL Man-in-the-middle recorders, but none of them worked solidly enough for us.

Any other ideas?

For my part, I guess the best thing would be to have an OfflineClusterWindow that dumps out the frames or even supports direct recording to MP4. This could then be hosted on a dedicated PC and do all the heavy encoding stuff. You could then even have a bunch of different perspectives - which would be nice when recording 3D videos for blu-ray or else... At least the variant that dumps out the frames would not be too difficult to implement, would it?

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