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1  Questions & Help / X3D / Re: AOPT Tool - Documentation on: June 05, 2016, 06:45:23 am
I know I'm just replying to myself here, but I have solved this issue for myself.
I have been using the documentation located here:

I copied and pasted the example arguments into the command line.
Do not do ths! - for some strange reason the first minus sign in all
the arguments is the wrong unicode character, although it LOOKS like a minus sign.

If you copy and paste from the docs it will look fine, but AOPT will see THIS:
Command Line: aopt i -x myResult.x3d
When what you want is THIS
Command Line: aopt - -x myResult.x3d

To answer Alberto's original query these Docs at cover conversion to binary geometry - just don't be stupid like I was and copy and paste from them!

2  Questions & Help / X3D / Re: AOPT Tool - Documentation on: June 02, 2016, 07:00:45 am
Hi - I am still trying to use AOPT.
I have read everything I can find in terms of documentation.

Here is an example of an argument I am trying to send to AOPT:
aopt i example.obj -x myResult.x3d

I always get the following error:
FATAL   Avalon
Malformed arguments.

I have tried using a .ply instead of a .obj
I have checked the input geometry is perfect and to spec
I have tried AOPT on windows7 32bit OS
I have tried AOPT on windows7 64bit OS
I have tried the latest versions and old versions of AOPT
I have tried running the command line as Administrator
I have tried including a direct path to the input file in quotes,
I always get the same fatal error

Has anyone on this forum got AOPT to work?
If you have can you tell us what your platform and setup is?


3  Dailybuild Feedback / InstantReality 2.8 / Can't use AOPT - "License has no 'hub/aopt' feature!" on: February 26, 2016, 05:40:12 am
Hi, I'm trying to use AOPT to convert meshes for use in x3dom.

I'm getting the following error when running AOPT at the command line:

License has no 'hub/aopt' feature!
WARNING Avalon   Unable to acquire license for feature hub/aopt

I can't find any info on this website on where to buy / obtain a license,
how much it is etc...

Any help greatly appreciated
4  Questions & Help / X3D / Re: AOPT Tool - Documentation on: February 26, 2016, 03:26:44 am
Can anyone tell me how they learned to use this stuff?

I've been trying to read loads of books on opengl / webgl / glsl,
but I could do with some pointers Smiley
5  Dailybuild Feedback / InstantExport (3D Studio Max) / Best Practice for x3dom export on: February 26, 2016, 03:22:36 am
Hi - I'm trying to use Instant Reality export to export a model to use in x3dom

This x3dom example uses binary geometry.

I hope to use Instant Reality to export a mesh with all the same features:
This means I need to export the following files:


Does anyone know the all the correct settings for Instant Reality
in order to get this output? I have managed to reproduce this file structure, but without the +8 and +4 suffixes, and I can't get the model
to be recognised in x3dom.

I don't know what the +8 and +4 suffixes mean.

Also are there any rules for the source mesh?

Thanks for any tips - and if there's a manual for this plugin,
or a tutorial,  let me know!
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